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Fenchem’s R&D center has 35+ technicians and is equipped with the most advanced modern equipment which aims to provide customers with professional technical support and test whether the products meet the quality standards to improve customer service quality. Our R&D technicians have rich experience in raw material development, formula introduction, efficacy verification, and quality control.

We continue to file new patents to demonstrate our technical expertise and innovative capabilities in the field of ingredients. These patents cover new ingredient technology, packaging technology, ingredient processing equipment, and more, enabling us to manufacture products with higher quality and increased competitiveness. As of 2023, Fenchem holds a total of 112 authorized patents, including 32 invention patents, 47 utility model patents, and 33 design patents.

R&D Center

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As a technology centered company, innovation is our expertise. Fenchem can quickly respond to upgrades and iterations of new products and solutions based on changes in customer preferences and market demand, thanks to our R&D and innovation capabilities.

Fenchem’s R&D team cooperates with research groups in universities and institutes, giving Fenchem extra power to stay up-to-date on new technologies.

Fenchem focuses on the development and modification of natural active ingredients. Through independent research and cooperation with external scientific research forces, we have developed multiple technologies for the production and application of animal-derived functional ingredients and plant-derived active ingredients.

Technology Innovation

With more than 20 years of research and experience in the marketplace, Fenchem provides OEM services to our customers and can provide customers with the entire industry chain services from raw material selection, material procurement, formula research and testing, manufacturing, and technology upgrading, which can better serve our customers in cost and process simplification. Our services include premixes, blending, microencapsulation, granulation, and finished products, like capsules and tablets.

Contract Manufacturing

Fenchem was founded in China and has evolved into a global business over the last 30 years with 10 offices around the world. We continuously expand and monitor new markets, and have sourcing teams around the world to stay up-to-date on the newest trends and market information.

Global Sourcing

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