Value-added services including global sourcing, tailored solutions, custom-made production and efficient logistics.

01Product Solution

Fenchem has been focused on Ingredient Technology for more than 20 years and we have developed hundreds of ingredient solutions to better serve our customers in the feed, food, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmacy and coating industries.

Fenchem provides tailor-made product solutions to help our customers develop new products, solve application problems, reduce costs, and simplify their manufacturing process.

Fenchem is ingredient technology and product solutions to the world by establishing more and more local offices. With these branch offices, Fenchem can provide quick delivery and instant technical support to the customers all over the world.

02Global Sourcing

Fenchem started in China and developed into a global business with eight overseas offices around the world. We are strengthening the extent and scope of our sourcing ability. We are building a global sourcing network to constantly provide exciting new materials and products and innovative ideas to our customers.

At the same time, Fenchem is at the forefront of the natural, environment-friendly movement. We source raw materials from sustainable natural resources and do our best to protect the environment through efficient use of those materials. We constantly strive towards minimizing our consumption of resources and reducing our environmental impact by introducing environment friendly ingredients and solutions.


Fenchem has and will continue to operate our manufacturing facilities according to stringent standards to ensure our products not only meet but exceed industry requirements. Fenchem is developing new products based on ingredient technology and producing these products in high-standard facilities around the world.

With almost 20 years of research and experience in the marketplace, Fenchem provides OEM services to our customers. This includes premixes, blending, microencapsulation, granulated and finished products, like capsules and tablets. Fenchem provides OEM technology and service to better serve our customers in cost and process simplification.

All Fenchem facilities conduct the same quality and environmental tests to guarantee product consistency. 


Providing fast-delivery service to local customers is always a priority of Fenchem logistics. Fenchem is serving customers all over the world and is developing our global logistics network to make all of our customers, “local customers”. Now Fenchem can guarantee fast delivery service to European customers with two branches in Germany and Czech Republic, to North America customers with two offices in USA, to African customers with one office in South Africa, to Southeast Asian customers with three branches in Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan.

Fenchem has established many warehouses and has inventory in several markets, as well as an efficient Inventory Management System. This means we can monitor real-time inventory in every Fenchem warehouse around the world to optimize the delivery process based on each order, reducing the logistical cost with higher efficiency.


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