Who We Are

Headquartered in Nanjing, China, Fenchem has sales, servicing, and warehousing around the globe. We have established our brand as one of quality, consistency, and reliability. For more than two decades we have dedicated ourselves to service and logistics, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and quality materials selections. Our worldwide team has the knowledge and the commitment to support your company and customers. Let Fenchem be your trusted partner in supplying the highest quality ingredients, at a great price, on time.

Our Mission

At Fenchem, we are devoted to developing innovative ingredients and product solutions. Our mission is to help customers create competitive products that are safer, and healthier. We believe that “better quality ingredients lead to a better quality of life”. We constantly strive towards minimizing our consumption and reducing our environmental impact through environmentally friendly ingredient technology.

Challenges are everywhere. We strive to meet specific challenges with specific innovative solutions, creating sustainable practices with our global partners for years to come.

CEO Greeting

Established in 1995, Fenchem focused on supplying high quality, safe, innovative ingredients for diverse industries. We aim to become a leading global innovator and provider of special ingredients and product solutions.

Quality Ingredient Technology is the purpose of our product development. We keep our eyes fixed on, “Creating value for customers”. It is the driving force and goal of Fenchem.

In 2007, Fenchem expanded with overseas offices in the USA, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Germany, South Africa and Brazil. We have plans to set up more branches to meet our customers growing needs. Moreover, we pay close attention to the Chinese domestic market, which has vast potential.

As a corporate steward, Fenchem makes efforts to balance economic, environmental, and societal needs to ensure a more sustainable development. We act together, with our partners and stakeholders, to develop best practices. This is the growth driver of our business.

Fenchem is a striver-oriented company and you will get more than what you expend if you work with us. Inspiration and Innovation are some of the core values of Fenchem’s staff, which guarantees Fenchem becomes a pioneer in product development and marketing. Our high growth rate leads to continuous worldwide recruiting. We are always looking for new, talented, and driven individuals to join in Fenchem family.


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