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Functional Grease

Bergacare SB Shea Butter

BergaMuls ET-1

Bergacare FG-5

Bergabest MCT 60-40

Bergacare EM AB

BergaCare EM 14

With high content of unsaponifiable substance, ≥5%, it can be greatly likely to be absorbed by skin, promote the skin’s softness, deal with dry skin, and enable the maladjusted skin resulting from sunburn, eczema and dermatitis to become rehabilitated. It can be used as accessory additive of sunscreen products.

Pure natural emulsifier, safe without stimulation and highly stable.

Transparent liquid, odorless and flavorless, pure natural and degradable emollient to give the skin with smooth feeling; it may replace the dimethylcydosiloxane.

Lipophilic emollient, high stability of antioxidation, no toxicity and no stimulation, odorless and flavorless, fresh, moist but not sticky, sound compatibleness.

Globally-recognized the best sun screener and the hydrotropy and dispersion component of other toners. As appraised as the "Ideal Sunscreen Reagents" by U.S. FDA, it is the most exquisite but not sticky emollient.

One of the important additive components of medium and high-level cosmetics with supreme penetration, moisture and softening functions to the skin. It is used as the emulsifier and wetting agent of cosmetics.

Plant Active Extract

AT Calm-ist

AT Black Yeast

AT Portulaca

AT Marine energy

AT Marine collagen

Distillates from seven plants and natural anti-allergic raw materials, which have prominent effects on various inflammations, eczema, pruritus, red and swollen symptoms; besides, they have sound compatibleness and can be applied to various personal nursing products.

Black yeast ferment has profound nutritious components of natural amino acid, is capable of cell proliferation, promoting the injury healing, moisture and beautification.

Purslane extract contains great amount of nutritious substances such as vitamins and amino acid, etc. It has effect on inflammation, eczema, pruritus and mosquito bites, etc.

Extract from two algas from south maritime space of Korea highlights marine polyphenol and mineral substances. It features the functions of anti-caducity, keeping moisture and rehabilitation.

The plant collagen protein from marine alga has the function of wrinkle relax, improvement of the skin elasticity, nutrition and keeping moisture.

Plant Essential Oil/Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

Lavandula Hydrosol

Rose Essence Oil

Lavandula Essence Oil

100% pure natural Damascus rose hydrosol, the food-level raw materials without any additive or preservative; the essential oil of 0.1% with pure fragrance, tender, moisturizing, whitening and prolonging caducity.

The hydrosol distilled from organic lavender of Bulgaria features pure fragrance. It can replenish water, remove acne, restrain and balance grease, weaken pockmark, diminish inflammation and sterilize bacteria when used as purifying toner.

The publically-recognized Bulgaria Damascus rose essential oil, the best product of its kind in the world. The golden liquid per kg demands 2000-3000kg fresh roses. With sound beauty and skin care function, it can weaken spots from the internal to external, promote decomposing the melanin, improve the skin’s dryness and resume the skin’s elasticity.

Lavender essential oil can clear away heat and toxic materials, clean skin, control oil, diminish spot and tender skin, eliminate pouch and black rim of eyes, promote the injured tissue to be regenerated, etc.

Collagen Protein

Collagen (Cosmetic grade)

Collagen (Food grade)

≤1000 Da, with tilapia skin as the raw material to product the powder products with oligopeptide (short peptide) as the main component by means of enzymolysis. The short peptide is more likely to be absorbed by deep layer of the skin, supplement various nutrition demanded by various layers of the skin so as to increase the collagen activity in skin. It has the functions of moisture, anti-wrinkle and hair caring.

≤2000 Da, oral-taken collagen protein can enable the body’s overall absorption, protect the skin, improve the skin’s elasticity, enable the bone to be hard and elastic, the muscle cell mutually connected, protect and intensify the entrails functions.

Protein Hydrolysate

GLUSOL® Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein/(Liquid/Powder)

KELYAMIN® Wheat amino acids & Peptides/(Liquid/Powder)

KELISILK® Hydrolyzed Silk/(Liquid/Powder)

KELISOY® Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

The average molecule of 2200Da. In the hairdressing products, to rehabilitate the damaged hair squama; in the skin care products, to increase the skin nutrition and resist caducity.

The average molecule of 500Da. In the hairdressing formulation, the free-amino acid and short peptide play the ideal synergistic effect, deepen in the hair to supplement nutrition so as to enable the hair to be smooth and abundant with luster.

The average molecule of 400Da. The amino acid and short peptide in the silk protein can play the ideal synergistic effect, retain water excellently and improve the hair’s luster and pliability. While used together with surfactant, it can effectively reduce the stimulation.

The average molecule of 2000Da. As it is extracted from non-GMO beans, its outstanding protection and bubbly performance enable it to be applicable to washing formulation. In the hairdressing products, it may increase pliability and combing; in the skin care products, it can increase the skin nutrition, rehabilitate skin and resist oxidation.


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