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PROVA Vanillin is a product resulting from refining the traditional vanillin then embedding it with vanilla oleoresin featuring relatively sound heat stability while adding the carrier (dextrose). PROVA Vanillin is typically applicable to high-fat and high temperature baking products; moreover, it can completely take place of tradition vanillin in an economic manner to achieve equivalent fragrance with relatively less consumption.                 

PROVA Company was established in 1946 as the leader in producing vanilla, coco and coffee extracts and flavors. The Company has completely commanded the processing of raw materials, selected superior raw materials of vanilla, adopted unique extraction and processing technology to produce superior products. The majority of its products are exported globally.

Finer granules, stronger fragrance and more symmetrical distribution;

The embedment by oleoresin may improve the oil solution and heat stability; 

The fragrance intensity is completely in conformity with pure vanillin;

The dosage is more economic, which is cost friendly.


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AnyAddy® thermal gel is a non-ionic water-soluble cellulose ether, including hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and methylcellulose (MC). AnyAddy® is from natural wood, and it has good properties of thermal gelatin, water-soluble and film-forming. AnyAddy® is Kosher and Halal certified, and production complies with FDA, EU and FAO / WHO regulations. The workshop is GMP, FSSC22000 (GFSI) and ISO9001 qualified.

Samsung Fine Chemicals is established in 1964, mainly producing electronic chemicals, fine chemicals and other general chemicals. Samsung Fine Chemicals started producing Mecellose® in 1994 , a brand-name of HPMC.  AnyAddy® is manufactured in Inchoen and the factory is GMP、FSSC22000(GFSI)and ISO9001 certified.

For fry flour, it helps reduce the oil and fat absorption.
For Frozen Bread Dough, it can prevent moisture loss by its moisture retention and delay staling of bread through blocking the movement of water.
For whipped cream, it increases the volume of product, improves product appearance and stability, and increases the emulsifying properties between oil and water.
For Yogurt, it controls syneresis and prevention of whey-off and improve mouth-feel and control of sour taste.
For juices and beverage, it offers suspension characteristics, maintains the stability of the liquid and prevents the formation of a precipitate.

Locust Bean Gum (LBG)

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LBG, also known as ceratonia siliqua and black locust bean gum, is a kind of polymer of mannose and galactose. The locust bean has no color or flavor. The powder is exquisite highlighting sound transparency, thickening and water-retaining property. It is the excellent natural thickening stabilizer.

GKM Food is one of the largest locust bean processors in Turkey. The Company covers an area of 8000m2 and is primarily engaged in the processing of locust beanpod, bean blocks and bean gum. It features profound production experience in the processing area of locust bean gum. At present, the Company has established modern laboratory for R&D, developed products of different specifications and quality standards so as to satisfy the customer’s different demanding. The locust bean gum is produced by experienced technicians and advanced equipment to strictly guarantee the product quality; as a result, GKM products have been greatly renowned on the global market.

Coordination effect: compound with agar and carrageenan to improve the gel structure and reduce the dosage;

Water-retaining and stabilization function: which may effectively prevent the food’s shrinking from dehydration;

To control the formation of ice crystal;

To improve the food taste, stability and shaping effect;

To prolong the food shelf life;

As the natural source of dietary fiber.

Akucell® Cellulose Glue

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Akucell® high purity CMC with the purity over 99.5%, is a kind of white or yellowish powder, odorless and tasteless. Akucell® cellulose glue is likely to be dissolved in water to form the solution of high viscosity but cannot be dissolved in several organic solvent such as ethanol, etc.  In the field of baking, meat products and ice cream, etc., Akucell® cellulose glues can completely take place of guar gum. As the cellulose glue still have outstanding thickening effect under the condition of low PH value and high temperature, it can be used as a stabilizer to resist deposition. With similar characteristics to xanthan gum, the cellulose glue can improve the liquid’s adsorption ability and adsorption rate, stabilize the oil-in-water emulsive system and improve the taste.

Akzo Nobel is an international company with the headquarter set in the Netherlands, primarily engaged in the provision of healthcare products, paints and chemicals. It has been always dedicating to keeping and improving its leadership in the primary market. Its special cellulose solution is the primary leader in the global Carboxymethyl gum industry. Its two production bases are providing wide product series to different markets such as pharmacy, food, bond, drilling and mining flotation, etc.

Guar Gum

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Guar gum, also known as Guar bean gum, is an amylase compound separated from Guar beans, a kind of one-year herbaceous and drought resistant crop widely planted at droughty and semiarid areas, primarily at such droughty and semiarid areas as India and Pakistan.

In the food industry, Guar gum primarily functions as the thickener and the water-retaining agent. Generally, it is used separately or compounded with other edible gum. When compounded with Xanthan gum, its viscosity is far higher than the sum of both so that the synergy can be increased. When m(the guar gum) : m (the Xanthan gum) = 3: 2, the best synergy can be achieved. When the guar gum is compounded with Konjac gum by 1:1, both of them have sound synergy; in case of 2:3, the best synergy can be achieved.   
1. It can function as superior stabilizer in cold beverage such as ice cream, popsicle, icy water and borneol to prevent the formation of icy crystal; in this sense, it can thicken and emulsify the said substances. 
2. It can prevent felting, retain water and increase gluten in flour products such as noodles, fine dried noodles, instant noodles and vermicelli so as to maintain superior quality and prolong the shelf life.
3. It can thicken and retain water while functioning as the stabilizer and improving the taste in such beverage as peanut milk, almond milk, walnut milk, Orange Particle, juice, fruit tea and various solid beverage as well as eight-ingredient porridge.
4. It can function as the stabilizer by thickening and emulsifying the dairy products such as fruit milk and yoghourt while improving their taste.
5. It can stabilize the bean products such as bean curd and bean milk.
6. It can felt, refresh the taste and increase the size of meat products such as ham sausage, lunch meat and various meat balls.


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