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Squalene, a kind of lipid unsaponifiable material, also known as cod-liver oil terpene, was firstly found in the shark’s liver oil. Squalene highlights several physiological functions of improving the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) within the body, the body immunity, the sexual function, anti-caducity, anti-fatigue and anti-tumor, etc. It is a kind of innoxious marine bioactive substance with the function of preventing and curing diseases. Nanjing Fenchem’s squalene originates from Europe. The rigorous European standards may guarantee the product’s quality and safety.

Empresa Figueirense de Pesca Lda, established in Portugal in 1912, is professionally engaged in the production of crude squalenes and squalenes from deep-seal fish. The products produced by EFP Company highlighting the history over 100 years in this regard are very applicable to the healthcare products and personal nursing products. 

Liver protection by promoting the regeneration of liver cells and protecting liver cells so as to improve the liver function.
Anti-fatigue and improvement of the body’s disease resistance ability so as to promote the body’s immunity.
Protection of adrenal cortex to improve the stress ability.
Promotion of the body’s metabolism to accelerate the body tissue’s rehabilitation. 
Anti-oxidation and clearance of free radicals within the body, improvement of the skin’s metabolism and the skin’s dryness and roughness so as to enable to skin to emanate the healthy, beautiful and natural luster.

Nutrition Yeast

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The yeast and yeast extract is a kind of pure natural food raw materials. The yeast features profound nutrition substances such as VB, mineral substances, β-dextran, peptide and nucleotide, etc. As the products select natural raw materials and gentle production mode, they completely conform to the requirements of international regulations and are applicable to the field of food and nutrition healthcare products.

Canadian Lallemand was initially established in the early 19th century as one of the three microbe manufacturers in the world. It has factories, R&D centers and representative offices in global five continents and 36 countries. Lallemand emphasizes that the product’s development is based on the scientific research, especially to the development and protection of yeast resources. Its profound yeast and yeast extracts are widely applied to the food industry. 

Fish Collagen Protein Peptide

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Fish collagen peptide, with fishskin or scale as the raw material, adopts the anti-penetration craft to extract macromolecule collagen protein, then cut the macromolecule chain by enzyme to remain effective aminophenol radical groups in a complete manner and finally enable the terminal products to be low molecular fish collagen peptides which are more likely to be absorbed by human body.

Nanjing Fenchem’s fish collagen peptide comes from Geltech, Korea, which is the largest manufacturer of glutin and collagen protein peptide of Korea. It was established in 1998 and has passed ISO9001 and HACCP attestations in succession. In 2001, the Company was granted EDQM’s applicability attestation, in which, EDQM refers to European Directorate for the Quality Control of Medicines, the applicability attestation represents the product’s safety in conformity with European standards, the permit of accessing European market. In 2004, the Company passes FDA’s cGMP recognition.

The raw materials of Geltech, Korea come from the best scale of Southeast Asia. The Company adopts deep hydrolysis to produce high quality hydrolytic collagen protein, wipe off the fishy smell by filtration with active carbon and the degassing system. The low molecular (<3000Da ) products highlighting pure and natural granule color are more likely to be digested and absorbed by human body; besides, the dust-free and agglutinated particles are more likely to be dissolved in water/beverage. In addition, the enterprise has rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the products’ stability, the advanced production management and quality control in Korea may guarantee the product’s quality safety. 

Original Ecological Krill Oil

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1.It originates from the krill of South Pole, 100% natural  2.It is profound in ω-3 unsaturated fatty acid (EPA and DHA), the only oxide dimutese combined in the form of phosphatide and bonded with astaxanthin; 3.Different from the fish oil, the ω-3 unsaturated fatty acid combined in the form of phosphatide features more prominent biological activity.  4.The patent extract technology enables NKO krill oil to contain more active substances, superior to other krill oil.  5.Clinical researches indicate that the krill oil is favorable to the health of heart, arthrosis, nerves and skin.  6.It contains no heavy metal and other pollutants.

Neptune Biologic Technology Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of developing phosphatide ω-3 in the health industry. On the basis of its experience of R&D and innovation for over 20 years, Neptune has carried out several scientific validation and experiment ranging from the product production control to the market devotion; as a result, the NKO original ecological krill oil came into birth. By means of scientific research, patents R&D, regulation permit and strategic cooperation, Neptune has created the krill oil industry: 1.Neptune is a listing company located at Quebec, Canada. 2.It provides 100% pure and high quality krill oil, which has been attested as “Ocean Friendly” product; 3.Neptune possesses several international patents from production, product components to use methods. 4.Neptune has been actively cooperating with healthcare product manufacturers and has established two subsidiaries to seek and expand the market opportunities.

Bee Healthy Australia

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Australia in possession of healthy honey has been always considered as the superior supplier who may provide a series of high-quality fresh royal jelly. Our products come from Bee Healthy Australia with the entire purchase and production completely and rigorously in conformity with Australia standards. Our purpose is to provide you with the best products and the most efficient services and enable you to find the royal jelly and other honey products of the best quality in a pleasant manner.

Functions of royal jelly

The royal jelly has the following functions: To reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce blood sugar; To develop brain, increase memory and postpone caducity; To promote the hematopoietic ability and adjust the incretion and metabolism; To resist irradiation and improve the tissue’s regeneration; To promote the physical immunity function, prevent from catching a cold, hepatitis and cancer.

Functions of propolis

The profound and unique biological active substances enable it to feature multiple functions including anti-bacteria, inflammation diminishing, antipruritic function, oxidation resistance, immunity advancement, reduction of blood sugar and blood fat as well as anti-tumor, etc.; in this sense, it is of wide medical and healthcare functions to human body.


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